Reflections of 2020

What a year!

Back in March I had a stall at an event that ended early due to the national lockdown. The event was in a shopping mall in Kent. As we watched the shopping trolley contents go by it was clear that some people were hoarders and others were determined to continue their daily shopping ritual, come what may. The trolley contents became much more focussed as the week progressed – toilet rolls, kitchen towel, pasta etc. Boots the chemist ran out of paracetamol. The clothes shop opposite my stall had zero takings one day and another only took £136 on a “bad” day that usually takes £1000! Having to close was no surprise, but none of us, from our conversations, could have foreseen the calamitous outcomes or the time scale of changes.

My website has done well throughout fortunately.

I did another show in October. Just 4 days of trading and everyone had to close for the second lockdown.

I am hoping for 3rd time lucky! I will be back to the original shopping mall for the same event in March. Cancellation will not surprise me! One of the downsides to taking on a show booking is that there is no refund, only another booking! At least my diary is empty 😉.

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