Beautiful Handmade Dresses For Gotz Dolls

Beautifully handcrafted dresses made to fit Gotz Happy Kidz dolls (50cm)

Belinda and Happy Kidz Gotz Doll

My Love For Gotz Dolls

Hello, I'm Belinda

I fell in love with Gotz dolls after a customer bought two of my knitted cardigans for her beloved Gotz doll, Mila and my curiosity was peaked...what is a Gotz Doll? 

In my eyes, Gotz dolls are simply beautiful.  I love that they all have slightly different faces and seem to have their own character.  I chose my doll, Emma, as she has such a gentle expression and big beautiful brown eyes.  I believe our precious Gotz dolls deserve a wardrobe of wonderful dresses and so I began designing dresses for them.  I hope you love them as much as I do.

Handcrafted with love

Just like your Gotz doll has been handmade with love, I handcraft each dress with love.  The materials and fabrics I choose are of the highest quality and the dresses are sewn with great attention to detail. I take exceptional care with each dress I create, ensuring that each one meets my high standards before I send them out to my customers. 

I'm sure any dress you choose will add a touch of elegance and charm to your beloved Gotz doll, making her stand out (and I would love to see photos of her in her new dress).

Unique Designs For Every Occasion

From casual dresses to special ones, the range of dresses covers many different occasions.  

Yellow Dress Gotz Doll 50cm

Yellow Dress
Fits Happy Kidz Gotz Doll

Unicorn Dress Gotz Doll 50cm

Unicorn Dress
Fits Happy Kidz Gotz Doll

Wedding dress Gotz Doll 50cm

Wedding Dress
Fits Happy Kidz Gotz Doll

Pink dress gotz doll 50cm

Pink Dress
Fits Happy Kidz Gotz Doll

Need help? Please Get In Touch

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Please do not hesitate to get in touch, if you're looking for something in particular.  My email address is or please use the contact form found here.

Belinda looking at Gotz Doll