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Reflections of 2020

By Kornwell Kidz | January 17, 2021

What a year! Back in March I had a stall at an event that ended early due to the national lockdown. The event was in a shopping mall in Kent. As we watched the shopping trolley contents go by it was clear that some people were hoarders and others were determined to continue their daily…

This ragdoll and her complete outfit was chosen by her new owner for her birthday.

Birthday present chosen by her new owner

By Kornwell Kidz | November 5, 2020

I put this post up on my Facebook page tonight …… I can now post this photo because a certain lady has had her birthday. She came and chose everything for herself and her choice is excellent. Absolutely no influence from her parents or me. And she waited until the big day – what a…

Pre Show Nerves

By Kornwell Kidz | October 21, 2020

I’m actually able to do a craft show this year – and what a year it had been for everyone. This show will be at Westwood Cross Shopping Centre, Broadstairs (29th Oct till 1st November) and each vendor has their own Christmas cabin to display in. So why the nerves? I’ve never done one of…

Rag Doll for Temperance

By Kornwell Kidz | October 18, 2020

This rag doll was bought during the covid-19 lockdown. My customer contacted me because she had just been told she was a great grandmother to a beautiful baby girl called Temperance. She had not been able to hold her and could only see her via video calls. What better way to celebrate her birth than…

Rag Doll for Esmée

By Kornwell Kidz | October 18, 2020

This rag doll was ordered for a very special 1st birthday. The little one had been desperately wanted but distressingly she was born prematurely. This was an awful time for her parents as they had been trying to conceive for many years. Thanks to the amazing neonatal team at the hospital she survived and went…

3 Rag Dolls from Great Nanny B

By Kornwell Kidz | October 18, 2020

I had a lovely order that I wanted to share with you all. I was approached by a lady who told me that she wanted to order 3 dolls for her great granddaughters. This wasn’t unusual except for her reasons made this order more special. She had intended getting the dolls at Christmas but had…

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