About Us

I have been making and selling handmade stuffed toys for all of my adult life. I started aged 11 raising money for charity by making a crocheted shawl and quickly advanced to selling stuffed toys aged 15.

I went into nursing but throughout continued to pursue my hobby of sewing and crafting products to sell.

After suffering a breakdown, I was unable to return to nursing. My love of crafting was incredibly cathartic and aided me greatly during the recovery process.

A chance conversation with a local gift shop owner lead to the creation of the Kornwell Kidz brand. Kornwell Kidz dolls were first displayed in public in March 2018 in a corner of the gift shop and the business has flourished from there.

Each Kornwell Kidz doll is unique. They are not mass-produced and with their ability to be personalised they make a wonderful heirloom. They are soft, not hard and plastic and are easy for children and adults alike to love, hold, carry and care for. They are good listeners and non-judgemental.

At Kornwell Kidz we make dolls for people of all ages and some popular reasons for gifting a doll include, baby showers, celebrating a baby birth, christenings, birthdays, presents for bridesmaids and weddings. They can also be customised for significant birthdays such as a 40th, 50th, 60th or just a great birthday gift for any age.

The Background Behind Kornwell Kidz

It was Christmas day when I was 6, my sister and I got a doll each with lots of extra clothes made by my Nanna and Mum and a wardrobe with hangers made by Dad. I named my doll Stephanie and I loved her. I clearly remember the joy of choosing what she should wear and the hours of love I gave her.

I found a pattern for this doll, but the clothes were not removable so I started making patterns for a dress. This was the doll I showed to the owner of the gift shop.

After conversations and some brainstorming I decided to add a number to each doll – they have Kornwell Kidz embroidered on their rears followed by a number written in indelible ink. The thread colour is changed every 100 dolls and any embroidery on the belly is in the same colour. They are entered into my logbook when they are sold and I also record what they are wearing when going to their forever homes – just for my pleasure.

There is a 1:768 chance of having the same looking doll.

About Kornwell Kidz Dolls

They are a collectable doll and children under 3yrs old must be supervised. Having said that I pay attention to safety as much as I can. The body is made from pre-washed calico and machine dyed if necessary. The eyes are safety eyes – the mouth is hand embroidered, knotted at the back and glued. The felt is glued to the head of the doll and the plaits or bunches are sewn through all layers and also glued for security. Tailors chalk is used for the cheeks. The stuffing is new and certificated. The doll can be machine washed – quick and cool, in a bag and air-dried.

About The Clothing & Accessories

All Kornwell Kidz clothes are made with attention to detail. All materials are new. Cottons and polycottons are used in the creative process. The bodice of the dresses is double and the skirts are very full with no skimping just to save a few pennies. They have poppers that close. They have matching or complimentary knickers (of course).

The T-shirts are jersey with cord elastic through the neck with a popper to close. The shorts and dungarees are cottons and polycottons and the boys have matching baseball caps.

Other clothes are available when visiting the shop in person.

All of the clothes are made in small batches to keep the stock fresh.

The shoes are soft vinyl with poppers to close and the socks are white jersey.

The handbags are made to match the shoes and are produced using soft vinyl and lined. They have a plastic snap for closing.

Find Out More

If you have any other questions or special requirements we are often able to entertain them. If you are in anyway unsure get in touch with our friendly and enthusiastic staff who will be more than happy to answer your questions.